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The Premier Carpet Puller

The Premier Carpet Cutter

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Quick Connect Hand Clamps and Diverter Pad

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The Premier 2000 Carpet Puller

We offer innovative, heavy-duty carpet pullers designed to easily tear out and remove old or damaged glued-down, broadloom carpets. Developed by working alongside commercial carpet installers, our professional and affordable machines will help you complete all your carpet removal jobs easily, safely, and faster. No matter the type of carpet or floor surface it is glued on, our carpet pullers will get the job done right.

Why Contractors Love Our Carpet Pullers

Higher Efficiency

Our carpet puller machines pull up faster and with better precision than other removal tools on the market. Plus, it delivers clean and even results. You won’t have to worry about damaging surrounding surfaces.

Professional Construction

Developed to withstand day in/day out commercial use, our carpet pullers can handle small and large jobs without breaking down. So, no more spending top dollars to fix your machines after a few jobs.

Easier, Faster, and Safer

Aside from saving you time on every job, our carpet pullers are safe and super easy to use. With these tools, carpet contractors can save costs, reduce workplace injuries, and make their team happier.


Unlike other carpet pullers in the market, our machines are lightweight and come in compact sizes, making them easy to roll around on job sites. Additionally, they can fit through standard commercial doorways.

Uses 120-volt Power

You don’t have to buy special power adapters or other equipment to use these carpet removals. Plug them into any standard wall outlet to start removing carpets without stress.


Get In Touch

Do you want to learn more about how our carpet pullers and other innovative equipment can make your job easier? Please contact us now. Our team would be happy to discuss with you and recommend the perfect product for your needs.

Quick Connect Hand Calmps
The Premier Carpet puller
The Premier 2000 Carpet Puller

Patented Diverter Pad!

Premier 2000 Carpet Puller

Professional Construction


The Premier 2000 Carpet Puller is professional grade and contractor friendly. it will fit through standard commercial doorways uses standard 120 volt power.

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