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Revolutionize Commercial Flooring Removal with Carpet Pullers from The Carpet Puller, Inc.

Tired of the back-breaking, time-consuming work required to rip up old, worn carpets and flooring in commercial spaces? Our heavy-duty carpet pullers are designed to make flooring removal projects go faster and smoother.

The premier Carpet Puller
Large Room Full of Carpet

Where Customers Come First

The Carpet Puller, Inc. provides professional flooring removal tools at an affordable price. Our mission is to take the hard work out of commercial carpet removal jobs, both big and small. Our products are heavy duty, contractor friendly tools designed for the professional in all of us--let our innovative carpet pullers help you work smarter, not harder!

Built to Power Through Commercial Jobs

Whether it's a small office upgrade or large hotel renovation, we have the commercial-grade carpet puller to tackle it.


For the heavy-duty, commercial jobs:

With incredible torque and rugged durability, our commercial carpet puller powers through bonding and backing to rip up carpets, pads, tile and more from large spaces. The extra-wide head securely grips carpeting for easy, efficient removal. 


Or for the more modest commercial/office spaces, our midsize commercial carpet puller combines substantial pulling power with maneuverability. Quickly clear carpets, pads and flooring from offices, lobbies, waiting rooms and more.

Quick Connect Hand Clamps
The Premier Carpet Cutter

Patented Innovations Make Removal Almost Effortless

Our Premier Carpet Pullers include patented features that save time and reduce strain on the job.

  • Quick Connect Hand Clamps firmly grip carpeting - no more slipping or readjusting!

  • A unique Diverter Pad enables smooth pulling around columns, corners and doorway.

  • The ergonomic handle minimizes back fatigue even during marathon removal sessions.

Experience the Future of Fast, Easy Flooring Removal

With our commercial carpet pullers, contractors can finally tear up and dispose of worn flooring faster than ever before.

  • Swift removal of commercial carpets, pads, tile, laminate and more

  • Clear flooring from large hotel spaces, warehouses, etc., in a fraction of the usual time.

  • Less time wasted struggling with stubborn carpeting

  • Protection of walls, trim and other structures from damage

Our commercial-grade carpet pullers are currently in prototype development. We welcome your calls and interest in our revolutionary new products. Please reach out with any questions or to provide feedback as we work to bring these game-changing tools to market!

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